Tuesday, March 19, 2013

It’s a fine excuse for a party! 
David Murdock is turning 60 and he’s the first in our class to hit that milestone. 

Let’s meet up at the Colonial Inn in Blackfoot for dinner with a little Karaoke and dancing to follow.

Colonial Inn
Friday – March 22nd
5:30 to close

Shhhhh… if you see David, don’t mention a thing – this is supposed to be a Surprise Party! (no gifts please – just show up)

RSVP – ASAP to Doug Murdock 684-4369 - he needs a count for seating and stuff.

Last time we met at the Colonial, we had a blast belting out the old songs – think about your favorite tunes.

So, come out to the Colonial on the 22nd and let’s have a great time with David.
He’ll love it!

Monday, June 18, 2012

A Little Blast from the Past

Okay, it's not too late to let us know you're attending the class reunion. We want to see you there - bring a little write-up about your family and what you have been up to . Send it to Jane if you can't make it to the reunion.

See you there! It's this Saturday, June 23rd at the Old High School - 4 p.m. to around 9 p.m. 

Please help us out --- We still need photographs from the past. You can email them to me at  snakeriver72@gmail.com  Anything will help, otherwise we will have to cancel the video "due to lack of interest"! That would be a sad thing ...

Senior Class Trip to Lagoon

Todd Jackson, Wayne Warren, Brent Wells, Valerie Page 
I think that's Pam Marcum to the left behind Todd.

See you at the reunion!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Class Reunion Time!

                    40th Class Reunion     
Snake River High School Class of 1972

Believe it or not, it’s been 40 years since we graduated from high school, so it’s time to get together to reminisce and renew old friendships!  We hope you’ll join us!!

When:  Saturday, June 23, 2012
Time: 4:00 p.m.
(We’d like to take a group picture on the hill, so we want good outdoor light).
Place:  The old SRHS (currently SR Jr. High)
Cost:  $18 per person (cost of meal, rental of building, postage, etc.)
           $ 5 for group picture
            $ 5 information booklet about members

As a an added bonus, and for just $10, Mo! ink Studios will be taking photos and videos at the class reunion. 

This is the link to the flyer and order form. 



         Our plans include lots of time for visiting and getting reacquainted in an informal setting.  Lynette Goodwin Daw has agreed to cater our meal, so you know you’ll be in for a treat!  We’d like to have a PowerPoint presentation with lots of old pictures.  If any of you have pictures you’d like to include, please scan and e-mail them to snakeriver72@gmail.com   .  Send pictures of grade school, Junior High, or High School – anything with classmates and friends in it. The more pictures, the better!

Stay up with the latest social networking – we’re on Facebook, too!  In the “search” bar just type Snake River High Class of 1972, and there we are!  We hope you have kept up with all the technology advances of the 21st Century so you know what we’re talking about – e-mail, blog, Facebook.  J
         Please RSVP by June 16th, 2012 to:
Jane Baldwin Tew
620 W. 350 N.
Blackfoot, ID  83221
(208) 684-3188

Please send us your updated information to use in our booklet.  Tell us what you’ve been up to since high school graduation – your education, your career, your family, your hobbies, your travels, and anything else you’ve done in the past 40 years that might be of interest to your classmates.  We look forward to hearing from all of you, even if you can’t make it to the reunion.  Money for the picture and booklet can be paid at the reunion, but we need money for the dinner by June 16th.

We are rough and we are tough!  
We’re the class that’s got the stuff!  
We’re the best of all of you!  
We’re the class of ’72!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Help with the class reunion

Snake River Class of 72 classmates.

Anyone who would like to help with the 40th class reunion, please meet at the Homestead Restaurant in Blackfoot on Friday, February 24th at 6pm. We need your help and input! See you there!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

This is it!

This is it! The year of our Snake River Class of 1972 40th reunion!

I know, it's hard to believe it has been 40 years! 
Let's make this the best reunion ever!

If you have addresses or email info for classmates, let me know so we can get a head start on this. 

Keep checking back for updates! 


Saturday, December 24, 2011

Holiday Get Together

If you survive Christmas and want a great lead-in to New Years, come and join us for our 3rd Annual Holiday Get Together!

Hey Snake River Class of 1972 classmates. 
We're doing it again! 
The 3rd Annual Holiday Get Together

Wednesday Dec 28th at 6:30
Tommy Vaughn's Grill - Blackfoot
850 Jensen Grove Dr - across from the park

If you have questions or plan to be there, call me 208.881.7152, Jane or Rick Tew, or Doug Murdock, --- or leave a comment here.
Hope to see you all! It will be fun - we always have fun! 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

There has been a consensus...

We met at the Homestead - never made it to the Riverside Grade School. But the best news of all is.....

We have a date for our 40th class reunion! Now for the planning, and then putting that plan in motion. I'll keep you updated, so check the blog often.

We have countdown Class of 1972!


Thursday, July 14, 2011

It's that time again - planning our Class of 72 Reunion

Hello all you awesome Panthers. Can you believe it's almost our 40th reunion? Yup, where did those years go? Well here's what's up - we're getting together to plan this thing and we need your help. Jane posted on facebook for us, but for those who aren't yet on facebook - here's what she wrote about the planning meeting:
We'll meet on August 3 at Homestead Restaurant in Blackfoot at 6:00 p.m. for dinner and visiting. Then at 7:30 p.m. we'll move out to the Riverside Elementary library and continue visiting and planning the reunion. Please tell everybody from the class of '72 who might be interested to join us. If you can't make it for dinner, just come to the school for the planning meeting. We need your input. It might be a good idea to leave a note here if you plan on coming for dinner so we can have enough tables together. If anyone has a better idea, please let us know! Look forward to seeing lots of you there! Oh, and for those who might need a reminder, I'll put another post on Facebook a few days before!
So... we'll see you there!

Monday, May 16, 2011

A reminder and memorial

Please join Bradley and Julie Hale and their family as they present the new life jacket station
and honor their two sons and friends who lost their lives last August.

Julie emailed to tell me about this event and invites us to attend. She made a good point that with the beginning of boating season, we need to be reminded how important life jackets are.

Again, the event will take place on Saturday, May 28th - 11:00 am at the American Falls west boat ramp.

Here are some media links for this event:

Journal Article

News 8

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Think Spring, think Spring, think Spring, think Spring...

Do you get the picture? It's getting extremely tough to wait for Spring... but I hear it will appear in SE Idaho sometime! Is Mother Nature just teasing here?

I didn't mean to hold out on the photos from our get together in October. We had fun - as usual.
Dave Murdock sang us some great songs and had us laughing our heads off again with his "all famous" Strawberry Wine Jam song. (You just have to be there...)

It was great to see Lynn Page Metcalf, she arrived with Julie Saxton Hale. We were also blessed with the presence of Kenny Frederick. I haven't seen him in forever! Let me tell you, he was quite the addition to the boys vocals. Sorry about the grainy and short video - better luck next time, huh?

 Performing: Doug, Eric, Gaylen, Ricky, Kenny and Rick.

Video Clip ...

I made this private, you have to have the link to view it. It's not out there for the world to see.
If you practice up a bit though, we might have to send a link to a big music producer!

PS: Save the date - St. Patrick's Day 3/17 for our next barn-raising, heck of a good time at the Colonial again. 6-whenever pm

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Merry Christmas & December Party

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. 
Stay warm, stay safe, and enjoy the family and friends.

Then plan to meet up with your classmates for our December Party
At Bamboo Gardens - Pocatello on Yellowstone      
Wednesday December 29th 6-8
No lonely Bamboo, okay? See you there!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Mark Your Calendar

Seriously now - you won't want to miss this. We had a blast last time and some of you weren't there! What's up with that?

The food was great -Val Page said the salsa was wonderful.  And we had a hilarious and entertaining karaoke session.

Mark your calendar!
  • Colonial Inn, 659 South Ash Street, Blackfoot, ID
  • Thursday, October 21st
  • 6:30 for dinner, karaoke to follow

 Please invite everyone you see and call me if you have any questions: 881.7152  becki

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Classmate Update - Susan Belnap

Remember how sad it was when one of our classmates moved?
It seemed like our little world was torn apart. When Susan Belnap's family moved to Arizona, many of us were extremely sad. I know that a few of our classmates kept in touch with her through the years, but a few weeks ago I heard from Susan and she said she would send an update and a picture of her family. I am so excited for you to see her beautiful family and hear about the recent "happenings" in her life. Thanks Susan, for sharing this with us. I hope you'll plan to come to our 40th (can you believe it???) class reunion in 2012! By the way, you're still as pretty as ever!

From Susan:

Hi everyone!  This is Susan Belnap Farmer.  I don't know how many of you remember me.  I moved from Moreland to Mesa, AZ in 1969.  My mom was in Idaho over Labor Day and saw Doug Murdock who told her about the blog.  It is so fun to find out about what a lot of you are doing.  I met my husband, Scott, at BYU and we were married April 28, 1977.  He is from Midway, Utah, but I was lucky in that he wanted to live in Arizona, so I am close to my parents and brothers and sisters. 

We have 5 kids and 3 grandkids.  (I am so jealous of those you who have so many grandkids!)  Our oldest, Jeff (the bald one in the picture) and his wife Zoie are the parents of those cuties, Hyrum-5, Emilee-3, and Ava Jane-5 months.  Jeff is in the army and is currently stationed in South Korea.  Zoie and kids are waiting in Riverton, Utah for their permission to join him.  Tori is our second, the girl on the right.  She and her husband live in Roswell, NM and, sadly, have not been able to have any children.  Our third, Danny, on the far left, married Paige June 18 of this year and live here in Mesa.  He is a Junior High history teacher.  Adam, #4, is in the middle in the picture and is currently going to BYU.  He will graduate in 2012 and is planning to go to medical school - hoping to be an orthopedic surgeon.  Our youngest, Stacie, the redhead 2nd from left, married Dan on August 19.  This has been a very busy summer!  They are currently at BYU also.  We miss having our family close to us.

Scott is blessed to be the Mesa, Arizona Temple recorder.  He started this calling/job November 1, 2009 and he says it is the best job in the world!  This has made it possible for me to be a temple worker also.  I schedule live ordinances on Tuesdays and am an ordinance worker on Fridays.  We have a good life here in Arizona.  If any of you would like to come down and warm up during those freezing Idaho winters, you are certainly welcome.  We have lovely winters!  And if you would like to come in the summer, we have a great pool!  Just don't come in August unless you really want to be miserable.  It is way hot and humid and yucky!  We put up with it for the wonderful rest of the year.  Would love to hear from any of you!  Susan

** you can email her by clicking on her name in the Roll Call list of classmates on the blog

Friday, September 3, 2010

Let's go to the Fair!

Eastern Idaho State Fair

Yippee! It's Fair time!!!

Let's meet up!
Monday Sept. 6th at noon (or around noon)
At the main entrance flag pole - just inside the gate.
Call this number if you need more info: 881.7152
See you there!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Picnic Recap

We had a great time and a few surprises! Thanks Doug for getting us all together and for supplying the grills. There was some delicious food and the company was awesome! Sharon and her husband Joe (he's hidden in the picture) surprised us. Last I heard they were putting up hay so I didn't expect them. Kathy and her husband Leon made the trip and surprised us, we were thrilled to see them too. Valerie came up from Utah and we have been waiting forever for Ricky and Gina to show up for one of these get together events - they brought their daughter and adorable grand-kids. Duane McIver and his wife Lana came with their cute little granddaughter Tempest. Quinn and Carla were there, but left as soon as we decided to take pictures. I know how you feel about that Quinn. I hate them too! We were happy to see Julie and Brad.

So, in the photo, the classmate and spouse attendees are: Ricky & Gina, Beth, Marketa, Kathy & Leon, Julie & Brad, Valerie, Steve, Becki, David, Sharon & Joe, Jane & Rick (we can barely see you Jane), Duane & Lana, and Doug & Sharon.

We really had a blast visiting and catching up for hours and hours... next time we hope you can all make it. You missed some really good ribs Doug made!

catch ya later-

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Picnic Reminder

Don't forget about our class picnic!
Saturday July 17th, 4pm at the Riverside School.

I was SO hoping that Mindy could make it - but heard back from her that she couldn't - here's her message. Hope you can make it to our next one Miss Mindy!

Heard about the reunion on 7-14, I can't make it, but give everyone my best and if anyone makes it up here to Riggins, look me up. My # is in the book!! The salmon fishing has been great, they run right by my house which is on the Little Salmon River.
Beautiful country here and so great to be back in Idaho.... Keep in touch, Mindy

Riggins is such a beautiful place, I think we should all go over there and look her up, don't you?

Well, the picnic should be fun, hope you can all make it. If you have any questions. call me:
208. 881. seventy-one. fifty-two


Thursday, June 24, 2010

We're Havin' Us A Picnic

Saturday * July 17th * 4pm 
Riverside Elementary
Mark your calendars for the class of 72 Family Picnic.
Be there, or be square.. did I just say that?

 Bring the kids, the grand-kids, the in-laws, and the out-laws.
We'll have the grills fired up so bring your choice of meat to cook,
and a favorite dish to share.

Oh, and you might want to bring your own chairs or blankets.

Plan to hang around and visit for awhile. Invite any classmates you see or have contact with. We have some out of town friends who plan to be there, so that's cool. Can't wait to see all of you on the 17th!

Go Panthers - It's finally Summer!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Another excuse for a party...

Here's the scoop... Randy Tew was in town for a quick visit, so Jane (bless her heart) got on the phone and rounded up a small group of us crazy folks to hang out for an evening of fun again. Hey, any excuse for a party, right? It was great to see Randy again and hear about his family and their busy life. We took this opportunity to get caught up on the rest of the group too, so I'll get an update with some of the current info in a future post.

So, who was at Melina's in Blackfoot last night? Left to right:

Val Page, Randy Tew
Becki Merrill, Julie Hale, Bob & Dara Kae Ricks, Doug & Sharon Murdock, Jane & Rick Tew, Dave Murdock, Rhonda & Steve Butt, Terry & Natalie Bergevin
who's missing????    YOU!!! Be there next time, okay?

Remember - mark your calendars for July 17th and our Big Summer Picnic in Riverside - family style! 

Stay cool all of you awesome Class of 72 Panthers!

Friday, April 9, 2010

You just had to be there...

Well, we did it! Nearly two-dozen, rowdy, middle-aged friends, had a blast at the Colonial Inn. 

A night to remember!

Photo by Jess Jackson

The fun we had, here's the proof...

David Murdock entertained us with his awesome karaoke songs. I loved it when he sang "Strawberry Wine" and substituted jam for wine. You just had to be there, it was great!  

We lined the guys up for the celebrity photo shoot. What a handsome bunch!

Terry B, Kim P, Russell S, Gaylen V, David M, Doug M, Rick T, Steve B.

Then we had some wonderful group performances by the guys. 
I am so sorry that some of you missed the following...

Hello mother, hello father
Here I am at Camp Granada.

I laughed 'til I cried, it was classic.

Thank you, Jane Tew, for the great photos. 
We are looking forward to the next little get together, so keep checking back for the details.

Mark your calendars for July 17th and our Big Summer Picnic - family style! 

Those who attended: 
Doug and Sharon Murdock (he's the instigator)
David Murdock (the entertainer)
Jennifer, David's daughter (she's cute)
Gaylen and Ulene Van Orden
Terry Bergevin
Marketa Cornwall
Kathy McBride Parson
Kim and Kathryn Poole
Russell and Elaine Serr
Steve and Rhonda Butt (loved his solo, he has a great voice)
MaryAnn and Bill Thompson
Val Page
Becki Merrill
Beth Smith
Jane and Rick Tew
Hope this is correct, see you next time!

It's about time...

Well, it took me long enough to get this posted.

Thank you, MaryAnn Barclay Thompson, for supplying the Riverside 6th Grade class photo. You are all so adorable here…

Front row: Connie Flores, MaryAnn Barclay, Debbie Erickson, Angela Wells, Marla Furniss.

Second row: Michael Miles, Kelly Bingham, Mark Griffiths, Patty Fisher, Larry Williams, LeeDel Whiting, Ray Huggins, Jeff Randall.

Third row: Mr. Mattishaw, Valerie Clement, Debbie Wilson, Carolyn Rohrbacher, Juanita Hernandez, Susan Belnap, Beverly Garrison, Sharon Steffler.

Fourth Row: Mark Adams, Terry Bergevin, Pete Jensen, Glenna Ward, Anita Schwabedissen, Melinda Herbst.

Are there years and classes that we are missing? Please let me know if you have any class photos.


Friday, February 19, 2010

Dancin' Happy...

I LOVE the Bubblegum music we grew up with - it just puts a smile on my face.

What was your favorite? I've set up the player with some of mine.

Don't forget about our March 11th get-together.
Meet around 6:30 at the Colonial Inn in Blackfoot.

We have some out of towners who are making the trip and I'm just thrilled.
We're gonna have a blast!
Email me or leave a comment here so we can count you in!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Let's Get Together!

How about a little get together for classmates and friends?
Thanks to Doug and David Murdoch for getting this thing started.

A few of us met up in December for dinner in Idaho Falls, it was a blast - we decided we should do it again. So...

Meet up on Thursday, March 11th 6:30 at the Colonial Inn for dinner and a karaoke surprise.
Colonial Inn address: 659 S. Ash - Blackfoot

Photo by Jess Jackson

You should see some of Jess's awesome Idaho photography!

Please leave a comment here to RSVP to the March 11th gig or email me so we can plan ahead.
Thanks! becki 

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Classmates Mystery Solved...

Jeff Colson lives in Stanley Idaho now.

Well, now you know... Jane Baldwin Tew had the right answer to "which classmates live in Stanley and Jackson".  Sharon Steffler knew who lived in Jackson - obviously...

I asked them to tell us a little about how they came to live in these places and a little about themselves and their family.

Jeff said:
I spent many of my younger years around Challis, Pahsimeroi, and the Salmon River country. One of my first dates with Barb was to make her breakfast on top of a mountain at the Little Lost/Pahsimeroi summit. Ever since we spent many a camping trip in the Salmon River country. I had an opportunity to take a job at the new Cyprus mine outside of Clayton and moved to Stanley instead of Challis with everyone else. Rented a mobile home spot for several years and then moved back to Riverside. Before moving back we bought an acre of ground across the road from where we were renting. We had planned to move back ever since. That was over 25 yrs ago. We would spend as much time as we could in Stanley over that period. After family matters wound down it was time to move back for good. Stanley has always felt like home to us as a family. If you ever live there and then leave you would understand why they call it the "Come-back-to-country".

I now train electrical workers on safe work practices across the country. I use travel from Sun Valley and Boise. Barb has taken an undetermined leave of absense from an illustrious and successful teaching career and dabbles in the hotel business. Jared manages a mortgage branch in Driggs and is also a fireman. Adam is doing his doctoral work in Chemistry at Rice University in Houston. We have 3 grandchildren and enjoy em when we get to see em. We love the seasons, the quiet, and peace of mind that can only be found at home.

Sharon Steffler Henrie lives in Jackson Wyomimg.
Sharon wrote:
I met my husband Joe in my first year of college at Ricks. He was born and raised in Jackson. We were married in May of 1973 and moved into his family home in Jackson. We have 5 children 3 girls and 2 boys. All are married but my youngest who lives in Salt Lake. I have 2 grandaughters and 2 grandsons and 2 more grandsons on their way. One in December and one in March. Joe goes out to the Ranch the 1st of April and comes back to Jackson the first of April. In the winter he works at the Jackson hole Ski Corp in Vehical Maintenance. I work for the schools here in jackson at the k,1,2 grade level. I am the Lunch lady and I absolutely love it. I also work in the summers at the Jackson Hole Playhouse. I work there on Fridays and Saturdays. The rest of the week I am at the farm. I loved living in Jackson and raising my children there. We have done alot of hiking, camping, fishing snowmobiling and skiing or snowboarding. The boys were involved in sports the girls in Drama and Music.

It really is fun to reconnect with everyone!


Thanks Jeff and Sharon for sharing this great information. Don't you think it's nice to know how our classmates are doing and some fun facts about their lives? And I agree with Sharon, it is fun to reconnect with everyone!

Okay now, who's next???
I would like to know who lives in the State of Nevada.
I know of one, maybe two. Let's see if you might know...send me an email or leave a message with your thoughts or knowledge here.


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Who are our mystery classmates...

Okay folks, have you guessed who our mystery classmates are who live in cold climates?
Who lives in Stanley near the Sawtooth National Forest? Who would be so lucky and so crazy? It's really, really cold here in the winter! Leave a comment and let us know who you think it is. If we don't have any guesses by November 8th 2009 - you lose, Jane wins (she already knows the answers).

And which of our classmates lives in Jackson, near Grand Teton National Park? This person has lived here for quite a long time so it should be easy to guess. Wedding bells were ringing for this person's son lately.

Now if you want to narrow it down, they are both on facebook and you can join too. Why don't you join our Snake River 1972 facebook group.

Happy November Panthers!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Things That Say 70's...

The Things that Say Shout 70's

From a 1971 Seventeen magazine spread.
Nothing says 70's like shag and photo album art!
So groovy, gotta love it. And we lived through it!

Look at the prices here, amazing...
Another Seventeen Magazine article.

The icons, graphics and colors of the era. Can you feel the emotion?

Sometimes I just smile when I hear that people are "going back to the 70's". Really, how can you ever go back and capture the fullness of that period in time. We had so many definitions of what it meant to be a child or kid of the 70's, we were dressing like our parents did in the 50's, remember the penny loafers and saddle shoes. We were rebelling too with the mini skirts that out parents hated, the long hair, the music and lyrics that even today I wonder about and doubt my parents would have allowed if they had just listened to them.

Yet, we were also into bubble-gum music and the birth of family sitcoms, Sonny and Cher and Petticoat Junction for crying out loud! We loved John Wayne and our flag and our country. We celebrated Lincoln's birthday on the 12th of February and Washington's on the 22nd, we made cut-out silhouettes to line the chalkboard at school.
Some of us were worried sick about the draft and MIA's and POW's. Most of us were farm kids, too busy with chores to give a darn about all the hype, but we were one thing most of all; friends and classmates sharing childhoods as we slipped into kindergarten, meandered through each precious school year and surprisingly made it to graduation -- welcoming and saying good-bye to friends along the way.

Thank you, fellow classmates for touching my life in such a profound way. I am proud to know all of you and call you my friends.

Stay cool, and don't forget to ask for that senior citizen discount!
Love ya,

PS: I finally added names to the Class Reunion photos.

And...please take a minute to guess who the 2 mystery classmates are in the last blog. They who live in beautiful "cold" areas...
Here's a hint: You can find them on FACEBOOK:
Join our Facebook Group, Snake River High 1972
Email me if you have any questions...

Friday, October 9, 2009

Halloween Past...

Here we are, well into October - the spooks are out to trick or treat. What do you recall of your Halloweens past? Any cool costumes, parties, or pranks? If you dare -- tell all!

Or... do you even like Halloween?
We had the Sadie Hawkins dances around this time of year, didn't we? That was fun...girls asking guys.

On another note: I would love to hear from you guys. Lately I heard from Carl Atwood, thank you Carl for your comments and for letting us know you were well and busy, working for the City of Blackfoot.

Ricky Jensen emailed me to add his email address to the sidebar list of classmates - thank you Ricky. Did you know that you can click on some of the classmate's names and email them? If you would like me to add your email just click on my name and send me the info.

I heard from Barry Scott, how cool, thank you Barry. Keep checking back here for at least 2 more years to find out about our classs reunion...and a possible dry run casual get-together this summer. That is if we can muster enough interest in one.

Here's a little ditty for you, one of us has ventured/moved from the Snake River Valley and lives here: (can you guess who?)  http://www.sawtoothcamera.com/

It's so beautiful, I'm jealous!

Another of our classmates lives here: (can you guess who?) They spend part of the year at the home place in Moreland and part of the year in this beautiful place...   http://www.jacksontradingco.com/webcam.htm

I lived there in the summer of 1973 and managed a little leather store called Leather Etc. in Crabtree Corner. It was right near Merry Piglets, the glassblower and pottery studio. It has all changed since then, that's for sure.

Leave a comment if you know who our two classmates are and wish them warmth this winter...

Happy Halloween everyone!
becki merrill woodward

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hey, remember our awesome baseball team?

The 1972 Snake River High School Baseball Team - May 1972
Winning the championship of the A-2 bracket in the Fifth District Tournament
From left are (kneeling) Rick Tew, Brad Rich, Kendall Williams, Bert Kirwan, Mike Katseanes, Garth Turpin, manager Steve Archibald; (second row) Zane Williams, Kevin Lockie, Tom Martin, Bruce Tominaga, Blair Furniss, Darvel Anderson, coach Keith Williams; (back row) Blair Dance, Steve Butt, Danny McNair, Robert Anderson, Dalles Anderson, Richard Stroh, manager Mel Bradley.

What a nice looking team -- makes me proud to be a Panther!

Who would have ever imagined that today we can follow our favorite teams online, get schedules and sports news in an instant. It blows me away that all of this is possible. I'm also quite amazed that our sports seasons are not really just seasons anymore; what with pre-season, exhibition games, and pro-bowls we needn't fear boredom. So just to convenience you once again -- here are two top sports links:

Ya all have a great Fall! Yea, football!
Hey, you can make a comment here and let us know which teams you just love or hate and I think it would be fun to see how our favorites have changed through the year. I personally have a love/hate relationship with Denver and Seattle.
See ya later...
becki merrill woodward

Thursday, September 10, 2009

What Happened to August?

Well it's certainly not a photo of us as school kids, but I needed an image so this will have to do...

This summer has been unusually busy I think-and where in the heck did it go? I was thrilled that Jane took the time to post photos of the Moreland Elementary Classes (thanks to Beth for her help too). What a bunch of cuties, and I do mean cuties!!!

Now for Pingree and Rockford, does anyone have these tucked away somewhere?

Last Saturday was the Eastern Idaho State Fair opening and the parade in Blackfoot. I ran into Jane and Rick in front of Hawker Funeral Home - luckily Jane could fill me in on the parade participants. I swear, having been out of the area for all of these years, I wouldn't have known or recognized even one person!
I took pictures and planned to post them here but I can't seem to locate the cable to download them -- moving and unpacking is such a joy...not.
I'm sure it's here somewhere...???

***A quick change of subject here*** Some of you have kids who look like you did back when, so I have found myself doing "double-takes".

Moving back to Idaho has been a great experience, I love seeing my friends and just feeling like I'm HOME again. Eastern Idaho is a great place to be from but for me it's even a great place to live. I had forgotten...

Go Panthers!

Have an awesome September and check back soon for those parade and fair pictures.
Back atcha later,

Monday, July 27, 2009

The Good Ol' Days

Post by Jane Baldwin Tew

Beth Smith and I got together one afternoon recently to scan our elementary pictures so I could create this post. It was fun reminiscing about "the good ol' days." The following pictures are the 1st - 6th grade class pictures of our years at Moreland Elementary, and that fateful year, the 6th grade, when we combined with those Riverside kids. If you know any of the names where I have question marks, please let me know so I can correct them. Also, if I got any of the names wrong or omitted any, let me know! Just e-mail me by clicking on my name in the list of classmates at the right of the post.

How many of you remember the old Moreland School? Can you remember the auditorium upstairs and the gym downstairs? Can you remember we ate lunch in a little cinder block building behind the school? Do you remember the glass milk bottles that would once in awhile accidentally fall off someone's tray and shatter all over the floor? How embarrassing! Do you remember how the school smelled? It wasn't a bad smell, but a memorable smell. I think it must have been a mixture of the cleaners Mr. Fresh used (wasn't he the janitor?) and the varnish they used on the floors. Do you remember the old radiators that heated the rooms? They were noisy and hot! What else do you remember?

1st Grade - Mrs. Jennie Farquahar

Bottom row, left to right: Gary Hayworth, Terry Bergevin, Larry Williams, Steven Rainsdon, Mike Byington, Lucky Peterson.
2nd row: Lydia ?, Valerie Page, Elvira ?, Denny Weaver, Kathy Marlow, Blanca ?, Eilene Kolbet, Judy Neeser.
3rd row: Frankie Webb, Neal Going, Mark Griffiths, Grady Brown, Rox Ann Smith, Olga ?, Frank Samargius, Cindy DeGiulio, Earl Neeser, Kenny Anderson.
Top row: Mrs. Farquahar, Mark Adams, Bradley Adams, Sharon Steffler, Valerie Williams, James Walker, Jane Baldwin, Bryce Peterson, Danny Good, Bernice Larsen.

1st Grade - Mrs. Lois Thomas
(Sorry, Beth's 1st grade picture didn't scan as large as the others.)
Bottom row: Jesse Jr., unknown, Shane Knudsen, Reuben ?, Linda Waddoups, unknown, George ?, ? Candelero, Brent Williams.
2nd row: Rowanda Wilson, Julie Steffler, Marla Furniss, Connie Flores, Kay Gasper, Marketa Parkinson, Connie Hart, Taunia Burgon, Kristie Bingham.
3rd row: Carol Young, LaDene Olsen, Nancy Harris, Ray Huggins, Beth Smith, David Hale, Susan Belnap, Angela Wells, Jesse Garcia, Pam Marcum, Debbie Erickson.
Top row: Mrs. Thomas, Valerie Clement, Kelly Bingham, Rodney Swearing, Kathleen ?, Herlinda Garcia, Annette Larsen, Mike Gneiting, Luis Matamoros, Brent Harper.

2nd grade - Mrs. Effie Polatis
Beth and I were in the same class in 2nd grade, Mrs. Polatis' class.
(Does anyone have a picture of Mrs. Eldredge's class I could scan?)

Top row: Janie ?, Shane Knudsen, Mrs. Polatis, Principal Jack Thompson, Juanita Hernandez, Duane McIver, Debbie ?.

2nd row: Valerie Page, Ruben ?, Josefina ?, Junior ?, Eilene Kolbet, Bryce Peterson.

3rd row: Nancy Harris, Bradley Adams, Linda Waddoups, Danny Good, Bernice Larsen, Denny Weaver, Jane Baldwin.

4th row: Grady Brown, Connie Flores, Larry Williams, Beth Smith, Earl Neeser, Debbie Erickson, Rox Ann Smith, Kelly Bingham, Kay Gasper.

5th row: unknown, Frankie Webb, Lydia ?, Connie Hart, Lucky Peterson, Carol Young, Steven Rainsdon.

3rd Grade - Mrs. Irene Larsen

Bottom row: Oren McGonigal, Tom Ternus, Linda Waddoups, Valerie Page, Kenny Fredrick, Denny Weaver, Buddy Hill, Marla Furniss.

2nd row: Connie Flores, Pam Marcum, Frankie Webb, Kathy Pierson, Kelly Bingham, Frank Samargius, Angela Wells, Mark Griffiths, Brent Williams.

3rd row: Duane McIver, Larry Williams, Jane Baldwin, Bradley Adams, Bryce Peterson, James Walker, Gabino C., Mrs. Larsen.

Top row: Juanita Hernandez, Valerie Clement, Nancy Harris, Brent Harper, Ray Huggins, John Behrend, Luis Matamoros.

3rd Grade - Mrs. Edna Clark

Bottom row: Danny Good, Bernice Larsen, Steven Pearson, Valerie Williams, Susan Belnap, Mike Gneiting, Mark Adams.

2nd row: Les Trent, Debbie Erickson, Earl Neeser, Steven Rainsdon, Julie Steffler, Lucky Peterson, Kristie Bingham.

3rd row: Annette Larsen, Sharon Steffler, Beth Smith, Cindy DeGiulio, Kenny Frandsen, Shane Knudsen, Peggy Nichols, Marketa Parkinson, Mrs. Clark.

Top row: Randy McNamara, David Hale, Terry Bergevin, Salvador ?, Allen Christensen, LaDene Olsen, Carol Young, Connie Hart.

4th Grade - Mrs. Harriet Clark

Bottom row: Cindy DeGiulio, LaDene Olsen, Valerie Page, Brent Williams, Lucky Peterson, Tom Ternus, Marketa Parkinson, Julia Steffler, Debbie Erickson.

2nd row: James Walker, Jane Baldwin, Annette Larsen, Ray Huggins, Kathleen Knudsen, Juanita Hernandez, Bryce Peterson, Valerie Clement, Mrs. Clark.

3rd row: Frankie Webb, Kenny Fredricks, Denny Weaver, Mike Gneiting, Tommy Jones, Mark Griffiths, Earl Neeser, Steven Rainsdon.

4th Grade - Mrs. Donna Benson

Bottom row: Linda Waddoups, Connie Flores, Carol Young, Marla Furniss, Connie Hart, Kristie Bingham, Angela Wells, Pam Marcum, Beth Smith, Susan Belnap.

2nd row: Katherine Knudsen, Mark Adams, Terry Bergevin, Randy McNamara, Bradley Adams, Sharon Steffler, Valerie Williams, Mrs. Benson.

Top row: Gary Hayworth, John Behrend, Kelly Bingham, Brent Harper, Larry Williams, David Hale, Oren McGonigal, Duane McIver.

5th Grade - Mrs. Belnap and Mr. Morse

Bottom row: Frankie Webb, Mark Griffiths, David Hale, John Behrend, Larry Williams, Steven Rainsdon.

2nd row: Angela Wells, Melinda Herbst, Pamela Marcum, Mark Adams, Bradley Adams, Terry Bergevin, Brent Harper, Debra Erickson, Valerie Page, Beth Smith, Carol Young.

3rd row: Juanita Hernandez, Jane Baldwin, Susan Belnap, Sharon Steffler, Annette Larsen, Connie Garcia, Valerie Williams, Valerie Clement, Cindy DeGiulio, Patricia Archibald.

4th row: Kristie Bingham, Julie Steffler, Brent Williams, Kenny Fredrick, Earl Neeser, LaDene Olson, Denny Weaver, Oren McGonigal, Tom Ternus, Marla Furniss.

Top row: Burk Frandsen, Renny Jensen, Duane McIver, Brent Bevan, Bryce Peterson, Mike Gneiting, Luis Matamoros, Ray Huggins.

6th Grade - Mr. Wayne Waddoups

Bottom row: Jeff Colson, Steven Rainsdon, Oren McGonigal, Bruce Tominaga.

2nd row: Kenny Fredrick, Brent Williams, Denny Weaver, Randy Young, Billy Arnold, Jane Baldwin, Pam Marcum, Kristie Bingham, Diane Thompson.

3rd row: Mrs. Ruth Marcum, Duane McIver, Brent Bevan, Valerie Williams, Bobbi Jo Christensen, Annette Larsen, Kathryn Knudsen, Mr. Waddoups.

Top row: David Hale, Kim Poole, Connie Hart, Arva Walters, Carol Moore, Cindy DeGiulio, Tina Moon.

6th Grade - Mr. Charles Barker & Mrs. Ruth Marcum

Bottom row: Julie Steffler, Terry Peters, Barry Scott, Tom Ternus.

2nd row: Frank Webb, Earl Neeser, Brent Harper, Frankie Perry, Valerie Page, LaDene Olsen, Carol Young, Dorothy Decker, Marketa Parkinson.

3rd row: Mrs. Marcum, Clinton Wheeler, Jan Peterson, Janet Walters, Karen Clement, Lynette Van Orden, Sherry Gardner, Marcia Jemmett, Mr. Barker.

Top row: Gary Merrill, John Behrend, Beth Smith, Mike Gneiting, Bradley Adams, Bryce Peterson, Russell Serr.

Friday, June 26, 2009

It's Summertime! Class reunion memories...

It really is summertime here in Blackfoot -- hard to believe after the very unusual June weather we have experienced. I moved over here from CA this month and had a pleasant but rainy welcome.

Tomorrow is the 35th class reunion for the Snake River Class of 74. Valerie Clement Packer's sister Kerry and several others in the class have been working hard with the plans - it should be a huge success. My sister Sandra aka: Sandy Merrill, as some of you may remember her, short and cute, unlike me... well, she is planning to attend so that reminded me that I had scanned the photos from the last two class reunions for our very own Snake River High Class of 1972.

Here we are at our 30th in 2002. Photo Courtesy of Doug Murdock. Thanks Doug!(click to enlarge photo)

Front Row: Kristie BinghamWhiting, Valerie Clement Packer, Marketa Parkinson Cornwall, Linda Ford Treichel, Debbie Martin Randall, Brenda Williams Corbridge, Beth Smith, Lynette Goodwin Daw, Ricky Jensen, Arva Galloway Werth, Becki Merrill Woodward, Tina Moon Green, Janet Walters Blair, Darla Phelps Allen, Melinda Herbst Dalling

Middle Row: Randy Tew, David Hale, David Murdock, Jane Baldwin Tew, Rick Tew, Ron Thompson, Wayne Warren, Valerie Williams Wagner, Valerie Page, Bobbi Jo Christensen Young, Gay Esplin Ewell, Gaylen Stander, Doug Murdock

Back Row: Bob Ricks, Blair Dance, J.Lyn Wood, Brad Adams, Kim Hedin, Blake Dance, Eric Hansen, Steve Butt, Denny Weaver, Steve Rainsdon, Mike Gneiting

Here we are at our 20th in 1992. Photo by Bruce Evans
(click to enlarge photo)

Please forgive me for not knowing your spouse’s name.
Just email me with the info and I will update it.

Front Row: Steve and Rhonda Butt, Joe and Valerie Clement Packer, Rick and Gina Jensen

Second Row: Rick and Jane Baldwin Tew, Mike and Kristie Bingham Whiting, Randy and Gay Esplin Ewell, Valerie Page, Beth Smith, Wendell and Mary Elison Wells, Larry and Tammy Young Packer, Deryl Smith and daughter Lucy

Third Row: Brent and Kim Harper, Terry and Natalie Bergevin, Bill Arnold and wife, Blake and Linda Dance (see Blake directly behind Linda), J.Lyn and Janece Wood, Kirk and Marla Furniss Hone, Scott and Gloria Archibald Kirwan

Fourth Row: Kim and Kathryn Robertson Poole, David Murdock and wife, Bob and Dara Kae Ricks

Fifth Row: Eric and Janice Hansen, Kenny Frederick and wife, Randy Young and wife, Roger and Lisa Hall, Virginia George and friend, Nancy Harris, Wayne and Brenda Williams Corbridge, Jeff and Debbie Martin Randall

Sixth Row: Mark and Carol Young Adams, Ron and Mindy Thompson, Bradley and Julie Saxton Hale, Shawna Thomas? and husband, Gaylen and Ulene Van Orden, Blair Dance

Seventh Row: Kim and Beverly Hedin, Quinn and Karla Twiggs, Steve and Marketa Parkinson Cornwall, Sherylun Nixon Martin, Bryce and Vicky Myler Peterson, Wesley and ReNea Nelson, Wayne and Terri Warren

Some of us have changed a lot over the years, some haven't change at all!

If you can guess 100% of us I think you will be a class genius. You can email me your guesses or post to the comments. I might edit this post post later with the names if you really struggle... don't feel bad though, I know some of the gray cells are fading at our age. LOL
You can disregard this part as I finally added the names. If any are wrong, just let me know :)

PS: I have never used LOL before in my life but it seems appropriate now...

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