Friday, June 26, 2009

It's Summertime! Class reunion memories...

It really is summertime here in Blackfoot -- hard to believe after the very unusual June weather we have experienced. I moved over here from CA this month and had a pleasant but rainy welcome.

Tomorrow is the 35th class reunion for the Snake River Class of 74. Valerie Clement Packer's sister Kerry and several others in the class have been working hard with the plans - it should be a huge success. My sister Sandra aka: Sandy Merrill, as some of you may remember her, short and cute, unlike me... well, she is planning to attend so that reminded me that I had scanned the photos from the last two class reunions for our very own Snake River High Class of 1972.

Here we are at our 30th in 2002. Photo Courtesy of Doug Murdock. Thanks Doug!(click to enlarge photo)

Front Row: Kristie BinghamWhiting, Valerie Clement Packer, Marketa Parkinson Cornwall, Linda Ford Treichel, Debbie Martin Randall, Brenda Williams Corbridge, Beth Smith, Lynette Goodwin Daw, Ricky Jensen, Arva Galloway Werth, Becki Merrill Woodward, Tina Moon Green, Janet Walters Blair, Darla Phelps Allen, Melinda Herbst Dalling

Middle Row: Randy Tew, David Hale, David Murdock, Jane Baldwin Tew, Rick Tew, Ron Thompson, Wayne Warren, Valerie Williams Wagner, Valerie Page, Bobbi Jo Christensen Young, Gay Esplin Ewell, Gaylen Stander, Doug Murdock

Back Row: Bob Ricks, Blair Dance, J.Lyn Wood, Brad Adams, Kim Hedin, Blake Dance, Eric Hansen, Steve Butt, Denny Weaver, Steve Rainsdon, Mike Gneiting

Here we are at our 20th in 1992. Photo by Bruce Evans
(click to enlarge photo)

Please forgive me for not knowing your spouse’s name.
Just email me with the info and I will update it.

Front Row: Steve and Rhonda Butt, Joe and Valerie Clement Packer, Rick and Gina Jensen

Second Row: Rick and Jane Baldwin Tew, Mike and Kristie Bingham Whiting, Randy and Gay Esplin Ewell, Valerie Page, Beth Smith, Wendell and Mary Elison Wells, Larry and Tammy Young Packer, Deryl Smith and daughter Lucy

Third Row: Brent and Kim Harper, Terry and Natalie Bergevin, Bill Arnold and wife, Blake and Linda Dance (see Blake directly behind Linda), J.Lyn and Janece Wood, Kirk and Marla Furniss Hone, Scott and Gloria Archibald Kirwan

Fourth Row: Kim and Kathryn Robertson Poole, David Murdock and wife, Bob and Dara Kae Ricks

Fifth Row: Eric and Janice Hansen, Kenny Frederick and wife, Randy Young and wife, Roger and Lisa Hall, Virginia George and friend, Nancy Harris, Wayne and Brenda Williams Corbridge, Jeff and Debbie Martin Randall

Sixth Row: Mark and Carol Young Adams, Ron and Mindy Thompson, Bradley and Julie Saxton Hale, Shawna Thomas? and husband, Gaylen and Ulene Van Orden, Blair Dance

Seventh Row: Kim and Beverly Hedin, Quinn and Karla Twiggs, Steve and Marketa Parkinson Cornwall, Sherylun Nixon Martin, Bryce and Vicky Myler Peterson, Wesley and ReNea Nelson, Wayne and Terri Warren

Some of us have changed a lot over the years, some haven't change at all!

If you can guess 100% of us I think you will be a class genius. You can email me your guesses or post to the comments. I might edit this post post later with the names if you really struggle... don't feel bad though, I know some of the gray cells are fading at our age. LOL
You can disregard this part as I finally added the names. If any are wrong, just let me know :)

PS: I have never used LOL before in my life but it seems appropriate now...

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Stay HIP!


  1. Did I read this right??? You have moved back??? How awesome. Will have to get together. Love the new blog. Seriously, LOL is appropriate for so much, since laughing out loud is so fun. I will try to get in touch with you, Facebook, Hi to all. Marketa

  2. Marketa, thanks for leaving a comment! Now you other folks out there, please comment too, okay?

    I'll post the names to all those folks in the reunion pictures soon...keep guessing. Kathy McBride had nearly everyone right. Here's a hint too. One of them in the 2002 reunion is Denny Weaver, remember him? Does anyone know how to reach him? Last I heard he was in Arco?

    see ya later,


Please leave a comment if you are a member of our class. We would also love to hear from anyone asssociated with former Snake River attendees.