Monday, February 9, 2009

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You go Panthers!


  1. Remember King's, Blocks, Stan's, The Roxy Theater? What was that Chinese place that we used to go to? I think its still in business. Blocks had some killer shoes back in the day. Remember when wedges first came out? I spent alot of my potato harvest money on shoes - I still spend alot of money on shoes.

    My daughter, Emily, lives in Blackfoot and teaches special ed at Groveland Elementary. It seems very odd to have your child live in the same place that you grew up in.

    Spent alot of time last winter in Blackfoot. My Dad tried to leave
    this world several times. Guess he's still too ornery even after spending almost 7 months in the hospital and nursing home. He's back home in Moreland and still lives by himself.

    Love the idea of the blog!!! Great job, Becki

    Valerie Williams Wagner

  2. Debbie Erickson Howell: It's been almost 35 years since I have lived in Blackfoot area. Since my husband's parents live there we come by and visit occasionally. All 5 of our children have attended Ricks (or BYUI). It has made it nice for Bob's folks and my parents (live in Rigby) to get to know our children. We have spent the past 16 years in Austin Texas and I love it! I think I was born in the wrong state. Austin is warm most of the year with an occasional ice storm--this is when the Northerners stay inside and the idiot Southerners drive with reckless abandonment! Our parents keep asking when we are moving back to the frigid Idaho region, but we know it will be no time soon. As we age, I get more whimpy and my body doesn't like the cold! I have been attending the community college taking science, math, nursing and pottery classes. I also substitute teach occasionally when the whim hits me. I travel to see our children (all of whom didn't stick around Texas) when I get the urge to see my four grandbabies. We have children in St. Louis Mo, Dallas TX, Rexburg ID, Bakersfield CA and Los Angeles CA.

    What stores do I remember in Blackfoot--Kings, Big E, Pennys, Humpty's Dump (Angela Wells & I would take her dad's Hearse--used to haul boy scouts around--and drag main and Humpty's Dump), Rexall Drug with the soda fountain, May's Flower & Music.

    In Moreland there was Stans Grocery and Merrill's grocery store,gas station and Post Office and the old Moreland Elementary school building that has been demolished by now. Even the house I grew up in has changed--they added an addition to it.

    Becki--thanks for contacting me. We seem to loose contact with those we grew up with.

    Debbie Howell

  3. Val and Debbie, it's awesome reading your posts and finally finding out what you have been up sounds like some of us do quite a bit of traveling to keep up with our families. Please, keep the comments coming, I love the imput and your memories of "home".
    I hope we can all get together for a reunion in 2012.

    Val, what are your other kids up to? And about those wedges, remember those with the daisy punch out, we had the same ones...stylin'...

    Debbie, I love Austin too! Didn't realize you were still down daughter Traci was there (working) for 2 yrs, now she's in Virginia. We both miss all the fun things to do in Austin. PS: She doesn't miss the ice storms or the bugs!

    If you can get in touch with Angela, please tell her about the blog. I miss that girl...

  4. Lynette Daw: Hey Becki, just got your postcard letting us know about this site. It is awesome and Kim and I loved looking at it. Don't have alot of time today to tell much but I will get on later and let you know how things are going with us. Thanks for your hard work for this site. When do you find the time? Chat with you later

  5. Hi Lynette! and Kim! It's great to hear from you two. Please, do post about your family and tell us what you have been up to. I really got a kick out of the old Rockford pictures. It was fun going to school with you all of those primer years...I do remember that you were pretty good at tetherball!

  6. Hey Group, What a spring!!! I still have daffodils and tulips. Really love getting the yard going. Our youngest daughter, Rachel is getting married June 20. She lives in Moscow, so planning the wedding long distance is a pain. Thank god for the internet!!

  7. Hi Marketa! I'm sure that wedding will be awesome, and wow, it's only 22 days away!
    About your Spring over there, I was in Blackfoot for the Memorial Day holiday and it was so beautiful! Typical Idaho Spring weather though -- sun, wind and rain all through the day. You gotta love it!
    Thanks for checking in here and leaving a comment Marketa. Have fun with the wedding.


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