Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Things That Say 70's...

The Things that Say Shout 70's

From a 1971 Seventeen magazine spread.
Nothing says 70's like shag and photo album art!
So groovy, gotta love it. And we lived through it!

Look at the prices here, amazing...
Another Seventeen Magazine article.

The icons, graphics and colors of the era. Can you feel the emotion?

Sometimes I just smile when I hear that people are "going back to the 70's". Really, how can you ever go back and capture the fullness of that period in time. We had so many definitions of what it meant to be a child or kid of the 70's, we were dressing like our parents did in the 50's, remember the penny loafers and saddle shoes. We were rebelling too with the mini skirts that out parents hated, the long hair, the music and lyrics that even today I wonder about and doubt my parents would have allowed if they had just listened to them.

Yet, we were also into bubble-gum music and the birth of family sitcoms, Sonny and Cher and Petticoat Junction for crying out loud! We loved John Wayne and our flag and our country. We celebrated Lincoln's birthday on the 12th of February and Washington's on the 22nd, we made cut-out silhouettes to line the chalkboard at school.
Some of us were worried sick about the draft and MIA's and POW's. Most of us were farm kids, too busy with chores to give a darn about all the hype, but we were one thing most of all; friends and classmates sharing childhoods as we slipped into kindergarten, meandered through each precious school year and surprisingly made it to graduation -- welcoming and saying good-bye to friends along the way.

Thank you, fellow classmates for touching my life in such a profound way. I am proud to know all of you and call you my friends.

Stay cool, and don't forget to ask for that senior citizen discount!
Love ya,

PS: I finally added names to the Class Reunion photos.

And...please take a minute to guess who the 2 mystery classmates are in the last blog. They who live in beautiful "cold" areas...
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