Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Through The Years...

So…I was talking to Beth Smith again the other day and she remembers so much about Grade School and Jr. High. Things I had forgotten long ago. It prompted me to dig out the old class pictures from Rockford Elementary -- now that brought back the memories… Does anyone have the 1st Grade that you could scan and put in the album? I’m missing mine.

If some of you have Pingree, and Riverside (I did ask Jane if she could do Moreland), would you please help us out with those too? Email me if you have questions.

* Remember, you can click on photos to enlarge them.

Rockford 2nd Grade - Mrs. Myrtle Evans

1st row: Lynette Goodwin, Darla Phelps, Quinn Twiggs, Kathryn Robertson, LaWana Myler, Mindy Murdock, Kayleen Turpin

2nd row: Vicky Williams, Lynn Ann Hansen, Virginia George, Valerie Evans, Douglas Wadsworth, Blair Dance, Brent Wells, Rebecca Merrill, Blake Dance

3rd row: J.Lyn Wood, Gay Esplin, Gaylen Stander, David Murdock, Karen McPherson, Douglas Murdock, DeeAnn Polatis, Jerry Murdock

Rockford 3rd Grade - Mrs. Ruth McPherson

1st row: Quinn Twiggs, Kayleen Turpin, Kathryn Robertson, Mindy Murdock, Darla Phelps, Danny Evans, LaWana Myler

2nd row: Karen McPherson, Blair Dance, Gaylen Stander, Douglas Wadsworth, Gay Esplin, Brent Wells, Brenda Williams, Rebecca Merrill, Lynn Ann Hansen

3rd row: Roger Hall, Jerry Murdock, Douglas Murdock, Debra Martin, David Murdock, J.Lyn Wood, Blake Dance, Lynette Goodwin

Rockford 4th Grade – Mrs. Higginson

1st row: Gaylen Stander, Quinn Twiggs, Blake Dance, Jerry Murdock

2nd row: Mindy Murdock, Kayleen Turpin, Debra Martin, Kathryn Robertson, LaWana Myler, Lynette Goodwin, Karen McPherson

3rd row: Virginia George, Rebecca Merrill, Valerie Evans, Eric Hansen, Douglas Wadsworth, Cheryl Camphouse, Brenda Williams

4th row: David Murdock, J.Lyn Wood, Douglas Murdock, Gay Esplin, Blair Dance, Roger Hall, Darla Phelps

Rockford 5th Grade – Mrs. Stander

1st row: Kayleen Turpin, Kathryn Robertson, Debra Martin, Lynette Goodwin, Karen McPherson, Darla Phelps, LaWana Myler, Mindy Murdock

2nd row: Bryant Jackson, Gay Esplin, Virginia George, Valerie Evans, Rebecca Merrill,
Eric Hansen, Blair Dance, David Murdock

3rd row: Roger Hall, (unidentified), Douglas Murdock, Blake Dance, J.Lyn Wood, Gaylen Stander, Brent Wells, Jerry Murdock, Quinn Twiggs

THANK YOU to Gaylen Stander for reminding me about Bryant Jackson! He must have moved in this 5th grade year.

In 6th grade they combined the Pingree kids with the Rockford kids and created two classes.

6th Grade Mrs. James

1st row: David Rich, Kayleen Turpin, Mindy Murdock, Gay Esplin, Connie Belville, Darla Phelps, Lynette Goodwin, Julian Sanchez

2nd row: Mary Ellison, Richard Stroh, Brenda Williams, Virginia George, Linda Ford, Willie Hobbs, Eric Hansen

3rd row: Doug Murdock, Karen McPherson, Tammy Young, Zona Miller, Doug Wadsworth, Brent Wells, Gaylen Van Orden, Blair Dance

6th Grade Mr. Mc Mullin

1st row: Phillip Tracy, Roger Hall, Quinn Twiggs, Kathryn Robertson, Jerry Murdock, Todd Jackson, Vicky Myler, Debbie Martin, Kathy McBride

2nd row: Wayne Warren, Bryant Jackson, David Murdock, Patricia Winmill, Connie Garcia, Becky Merrill, Valerie Evans

3rd row: Carl Atwood, Blake Dance, Steven Butt, Gaylen Stander, J.Lyn Wood, Danny Barrett, DeeAnn Polatis Absent: Deryl Smith & Roger Lloyd

It really would be nice to have all 4 schools posted on the blog so scan and post those photos if you can.
Becki Merrill Woodward


  1. Anybody remember the basement parties at the different houses? Any special memories? I thought of this after hearing a comment made by a girl on the movie Terminator 3. It struck home.

  2. After seeing these pics it's obvious that:
    RIVERSIDE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Jeff, where are you? Mars?
    Where are your Riverside class photos to prove you hypothesis?

    And about those basement parties -- this is a family friendly blog. :)

    By the way, you were mentioned in a comment on the "Here's the Scoop" post. Thanks Kathy McBride Parson.

  4. By the way, I wouldn't have remembered everyone's name from 2nd to 6th grade except my mom had recorded them for me. I love you mom!


  5. would be nice to have pictures of all the classes on here from this one on forward. In 1972 I was in Mrs Driscolls first grade class. some of you i remember. i'm Julianne Hunter. I lived next door to the Lloyds at one time, however in first grade I live next door to wadsworths on the corner.


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