Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Panther Winter Sports...

My, oh my...
It is fun looking back at the yearbook and our Varsity Basketball and Wrestling teams. I thought I would doctor up those yearbook photos since I'll probably be doing time for copyright violations anyway... so how about some PURPLE! If you want to read a little tidbit about our school colors, read Jane Tew's comment on the last post: Wes Nelson Update

Our Varsity Basketball team 1971-72
Left to right: (our classmates in bold) Kim Poole, Stan Bowman, Blair Dance-Captain, Ron Simmons, Doug Sprague, Kim Hedin, Jeff Randall-Captain, Brett Belnap, Dwight Gardner, Blair Furniss, (not pictured) Steve Yamada, Dallas Anderson.

Another note: Next to the photo in the yearbook, the caption read, "We beat Blackfoot", how cool is that!

Well I've always joked about Idaho winters; the main attraction is the bowling alley. Now I know that is far from realistic anymore as we play out-of-doors in a myriad of ways, from snow sports to kids play. But don't you just love a good indoor, shoulder-to-shoulder, sitting on hard bleachers, basketball game, especially now that we can cheer on our own kids and grand kids. There's nothing like the positive charge of enthusiasm in a local crowd and the excitement and possibility of a successful sports season or reign.

Personally, I loved being able to perform in Drill Team - GO Pantherettes! The only bummer was that you had to slip out early to dress and come back late -missing so much of the game. I remember riding the bus to Preston and our driver took the wrong turn, we missed most of the game. I was so mad at the driver anyway because I went up and told him what he had done and he didn't believe me - just kept on driving! I had family in Preston and knew the roads well but hey, I was just a kid - a dumb girl at that, what would I know... (funny the memories we have).

Now on to Wrestling *** Doesn't this group look formidable, rough and tough?
They were! According to the yearbook they had an 11-1 record and the best ever in the history of Snake River!

Our Varsity Wrestling team 1971-1972
Classmates in bold.
Front row: Zane Williams-manager, Clay Hansen, Randy Leavitt, Morse Moon, Gary Turnus, Kim Wolfley, Gordon Scherbinski-manager.
Back row: Wesley Nelson-manager, Randy Tew, Arden Smith, Rick Tew, Errol Hendricks, Mark Adams, Tommy Hale, Coach Williams, (not pictured) Ed Bartausky, David Hale, Larry Williams, Ken Frederick.

Two of our classmates, Larry Williams and Randy Tew were district champions -going on to State that year!
GO Panthers! Gotta LOVE those 70's!
becki merrill woodward

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