Monday, February 23, 2009

Wes Nelson update...

Wes Nelson & Debbie Martin "Most Spirited"
Remember this from our year book, 1972?

Now if I get thrown in jail for copyright violations, please, someone take care of this 5 year old I'm raising... sounds like a threat, huh?

It was great hearing from you Wes! You still sound like the most spirited and I love hearing that you are keeping up on the teams. SR did have some awesome athletes in the good old days. I hear they still do; so country air, spuds and good water must have something going for them.

Anyway folks, here's what Wes wrote to us all:

Hello everyone in Panther Land. I just watched the Snake River Ladies Basketball team take third at State and I couldn't help remember with fond memories those great teams of the 70's. This is fun to read about our classmates and remember the great couples from school. ReNea and I are waiting for our 10th Grandchild in July. Our youngest is returning from a mission in two weeks and needless to say we are very excited. We are busy here in Boise and are really glad to have jobs. Life has not slowed down and I wouldn't want it any other way. I want to thank Becky for keeping all of us together. Her kindness just continues as it always has. She was always such a bright star and peacemaker. I hope this finds you all well and I can't wait to keep in touch through this blog. I am not very good at this computer stuff and face bookscares me to death. But Dalin our second to the youngest is great at it and he keeps old dad on track. And yes I have to brag he is the Captain of the male cheerleaders and defending National Champions at BOISE STATE!!!! Go Broncos. We are heading to LA for Nationals at the end of March. He and his wife Jenni are expecting their first child and our 10th grandchild July 22nd.
I don't know how all of us got to this age? I really thought we would be young forever. But my body tells me different. I hope this finds all of you well and may God Bless you all.

It was nice to see Wes and ReNea at Karen's funeral. We had a wonderful but short visit and I have to tell you, Wes looks pretty darn good for an old guy :) I think you're older than me Wes so I can say that. (wink) Oh, and his wife is beautiful.

Okay, it's 12:30 in the AM here so I'll sign off now...
Apologies to follow in another post, whew... missed out again :)



  1. Good to hear from our old friend Wesley. We have some great memories that go a long ways back! I, too, don't where all the years went. Rick and I celebrated our 33rd anniversary Saturday! Just for everyone's information, the Snake River Boys Basketball team will be playing in yet another State tournament in Boise this Saturday. Go Panthers! And just a side-note, remember how our colors were purple, gold, and white? Well, they've dropped gold and added black to the colors.

  2. Wow, congratulations Rick & Jane Tew on your anniversary. It's so hard to believe it's been 33 years!
    Let us know how Snake River does in the tournament.

    Jane, do you know if Randy has a copy of the Panther he drew for the school? I would love to use it in the blog.

    I know of several schools adding black to their school colors. It must be the color of the new century, formidable-black, it does make a strong statement on the football field. I personally prefer the original ones, call me old fashioned...or nostalgic.

  3. i thought "hold your head up "by argent was the best thing ever written...i had no taste back then...R2


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