Saturday, February 14, 2009

A tribute to Valentines...

Happy Valentine's Day Panthers!
Do you like statistics? Are you ever curious about such things? Well, me neither, but you're going to get one today...
Did you know that 12% of our class married each other?...
Yes, 16 classmates make 8 couples and that's how many I would like to show special acknowledgement to today. The day for Sweethearts, ahhh...

Let's give a hoot, a holler and a shout out to our married couples!

Jane Baldwin & Rick Tew
Bryce Peterson & Vicky Myler
Kim Poole & Kathryn Robertson
Mark Adams & Carol Young
Jeff Randall & Debbie Martin
Bradly Hale & Julie Saxton
Clinton Wheeler & Taunia Burgon
Kim Daw & Lynette Goodwin
(I know Kim graduated from another school, but he's still one of us!)
Hope you have a wonderful Valentines Day and just forget the statistic, you're so much more than just a statistic in our eyes...
Now if ever there was a way to figure out the # of children and then grandchildren born to all of our classmates, I would have a blast figuring those stats. But those grandchildren are an elusive number, increasing monthly I'll bet.

Can you see what I 'm leading into? The classmate that I know just had their 13th grandchild with 2 on the way... I promised I would tell you in the next post. Well, I lied...

Just kidding, Jane would probably kill me. She had a great guess and she might be right, but I haven't heard from Wesley Nelson so I don't know for sure.

Wesley, are you out there? I tried to reach you through but that's a joke. I don't think they send emails for us. They just store them!!! Don't pay for so called GOLD membership, I have several times and it's a waste.

Okay, losing my concentration here, get off the soapbox bec.
Well, I won't leave you in suspense anymore...

The grandparent who I know for sure has all of these grand kids is Kristie Bingham Whiting!
Her daughter Stacey delivered a daughter on Feb.11.
Little Lucy Kay Hall

Love is in the air...Happy Valentines day to all of you!

The apologies will just have to wait until next time, wink-wink.


  1. I just sent a note to Wes to check this blog out. Maybe you will hear from him then.

  2. I just wrote another note and hopefully it will go some where that you can read it. Thanks Jeff for sending me a note to look at this. I want to thank Becky for keeping all of us together. We are still here is Boise and will be moving to Garden Valley in the next year. We are expecting our 10th Grandchild in July. Our youngest is coming home from his mission in two weeks and we can't wait. I just saw the Snake River girls team win 3rd at State. Go Panthers!

  3. Now this is just the way it should work! Thanks Jeff for contacting Wes so we could see if he was doing okay, and it sure sounds like he is. I will post (in an blog entry) the other note he sent me.

    This really is the way I hoped this blog would work and maybe soon we can hear from 145+ other classmates and friends...

    The comments are a good way for us to say a quick "Hello"
    Thanks so much!



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