Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Picnic Recap

We had a great time and a few surprises! Thanks Doug for getting us all together and for supplying the grills. There was some delicious food and the company was awesome! Sharon and her husband Joe (he's hidden in the picture) surprised us. Last I heard they were putting up hay so I didn't expect them. Kathy and her husband Leon made the trip and surprised us, we were thrilled to see them too. Valerie came up from Utah and we have been waiting forever for Ricky and Gina to show up for one of these get together events - they brought their daughter and adorable grand-kids. Duane McIver and his wife Lana came with their cute little granddaughter Tempest. Quinn and Carla were there, but left as soon as we decided to take pictures. I know how you feel about that Quinn. I hate them too! We were happy to see Julie and Brad.

So, in the photo, the classmate and spouse attendees are: Ricky & Gina, Beth, Marketa, Kathy & Leon, Julie & Brad, Valerie, Steve, Becki, David, Sharon & Joe, Jane & Rick (we can barely see you Jane), Duane & Lana, and Doug & Sharon.

We really had a blast visiting and catching up for hours and hours... next time we hope you can all make it. You missed some really good ribs Doug made!

catch ya later-

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