Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Picnic Reminder

Don't forget about our class picnic!
Saturday July 17th, 4pm at the Riverside School.

I was SO hoping that Mindy could make it - but heard back from her that she couldn't - here's her message. Hope you can make it to our next one Miss Mindy!

Heard about the reunion on 7-14, I can't make it, but give everyone my best and if anyone makes it up here to Riggins, look me up. My # is in the book!! The salmon fishing has been great, they run right by my house which is on the Little Salmon River.
Beautiful country here and so great to be back in Idaho.... Keep in touch, Mindy

Riggins is such a beautiful place, I think we should all go over there and look her up, don't you?

Well, the picnic should be fun, hope you can all make it. If you have any questions. call me:
208. 881. seventy-one. fifty-two


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