Friday, April 9, 2010

You just had to be there...

Well, we did it! Nearly two-dozen, rowdy, middle-aged friends, had a blast at the Colonial Inn. 

A night to remember!

Photo by Jess Jackson

The fun we had, here's the proof...

David Murdock entertained us with his awesome karaoke songs. I loved it when he sang "Strawberry Wine" and substituted jam for wine. You just had to be there, it was great!  

We lined the guys up for the celebrity photo shoot. What a handsome bunch!

Terry B, Kim P, Russell S, Gaylen V, David M, Doug M, Rick T, Steve B.

Then we had some wonderful group performances by the guys. 
I am so sorry that some of you missed the following...

Hello mother, hello father
Here I am at Camp Granada.

I laughed 'til I cried, it was classic.

Thank you, Jane Tew, for the great photos. 
We are looking forward to the next little get together, so keep checking back for the details.

Mark your calendars for July 17th and our Big Summer Picnic - family style! 

Those who attended: 
Doug and Sharon Murdock (he's the instigator)
David Murdock (the entertainer)
Jennifer, David's daughter (she's cute)
Gaylen and Ulene Van Orden
Terry Bergevin
Marketa Cornwall
Kathy McBride Parson
Kim and Kathryn Poole
Russell and Elaine Serr
Steve and Rhonda Butt (loved his solo, he has a great voice)
MaryAnn and Bill Thompson
Val Page
Becki Merrill
Beth Smith
Jane and Rick Tew
Hope this is correct, see you next time!

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