Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Another excuse for a party...

Here's the scoop... Randy Tew was in town for a quick visit, so Jane (bless her heart) got on the phone and rounded up a small group of us crazy folks to hang out for an evening of fun again. Hey, any excuse for a party, right? It was great to see Randy again and hear about his family and their busy life. We took this opportunity to get caught up on the rest of the group too, so I'll get an update with some of the current info in a future post.

So, who was at Melina's in Blackfoot last night? Left to right:

Val Page, Randy Tew
Becki Merrill, Julie Hale, Bob & Dara Kae Ricks, Doug & Sharon Murdock, Jane & Rick Tew, Dave Murdock, Rhonda & Steve Butt, Terry & Natalie Bergevin
who's missing????    YOU!!! Be there next time, okay?

Remember - mark your calendars for July 17th and our Big Summer Picnic in Riverside - family style! 

Stay cool all of you awesome Class of 72 Panthers!

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