Sunday, November 1, 2009

Who are our mystery classmates...

Okay folks, have you guessed who our mystery classmates are who live in cold climates?
Who lives in Stanley near the Sawtooth National Forest? Who would be so lucky and so crazy? It's really, really cold here in the winter! Leave a comment and let us know who you think it is. If we don't have any guesses by November 8th 2009 - you lose, Jane wins (she already knows the answers).

And which of our classmates lives in Jackson, near Grand Teton National Park? This person has lived here for quite a long time so it should be easy to guess. Wedding bells were ringing for this person's son lately.

Now if you want to narrow it down, they are both on facebook and you can join too. Why don't you join our Snake River 1972 facebook group.

Happy November Panthers!


  1. ohhhh the anticipation! I know who lives in Jackson but not in the Sawtooths!

  2. Hey, thanks Sharon (Steffler) for letting us know you're out there!


Please leave a comment if you are a member of our class. We would also love to hear from anyone asssociated with former Snake River attendees.