Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Classmates Mystery Solved...

Jeff Colson lives in Stanley Idaho now.

Well, now you know... Jane Baldwin Tew had the right answer to "which classmates live in Stanley and Jackson".  Sharon Steffler knew who lived in Jackson - obviously...

I asked them to tell us a little about how they came to live in these places and a little about themselves and their family.

Jeff said:
I spent many of my younger years around Challis, Pahsimeroi, and the Salmon River country. One of my first dates with Barb was to make her breakfast on top of a mountain at the Little Lost/Pahsimeroi summit. Ever since we spent many a camping trip in the Salmon River country. I had an opportunity to take a job at the new Cyprus mine outside of Clayton and moved to Stanley instead of Challis with everyone else. Rented a mobile home spot for several years and then moved back to Riverside. Before moving back we bought an acre of ground across the road from where we were renting. We had planned to move back ever since. That was over 25 yrs ago. We would spend as much time as we could in Stanley over that period. After family matters wound down it was time to move back for good. Stanley has always felt like home to us as a family. If you ever live there and then leave you would understand why they call it the "Come-back-to-country".

I now train electrical workers on safe work practices across the country. I use travel from Sun Valley and Boise. Barb has taken an undetermined leave of absense from an illustrious and successful teaching career and dabbles in the hotel business. Jared manages a mortgage branch in Driggs and is also a fireman. Adam is doing his doctoral work in Chemistry at Rice University in Houston. We have 3 grandchildren and enjoy em when we get to see em. We love the seasons, the quiet, and peace of mind that can only be found at home.

Sharon Steffler Henrie lives in Jackson Wyomimg.
Sharon wrote:
I met my husband Joe in my first year of college at Ricks. He was born and raised in Jackson. We were married in May of 1973 and moved into his family home in Jackson. We have 5 children 3 girls and 2 boys. All are married but my youngest who lives in Salt Lake. I have 2 grandaughters and 2 grandsons and 2 more grandsons on their way. One in December and one in March. Joe goes out to the Ranch the 1st of April and comes back to Jackson the first of April. In the winter he works at the Jackson hole Ski Corp in Vehical Maintenance. I work for the schools here in jackson at the k,1,2 grade level. I am the Lunch lady and I absolutely love it. I also work in the summers at the Jackson Hole Playhouse. I work there on Fridays and Saturdays. The rest of the week I am at the farm. I loved living in Jackson and raising my children there. We have done alot of hiking, camping, fishing snowmobiling and skiing or snowboarding. The boys were involved in sports the girls in Drama and Music.

It really is fun to reconnect with everyone!


Thanks Jeff and Sharon for sharing this great information. Don't you think it's nice to know how our classmates are doing and some fun facts about their lives? And I agree with Sharon, it is fun to reconnect with everyone!

Okay now, who's next???
I would like to know who lives in the State of Nevada.
I know of one, maybe two. Let's see if you might know...send me an email or leave a message with your thoughts or knowledge here.


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