Thursday, September 10, 2009

What Happened to August?

Well it's certainly not a photo of us as school kids, but I needed an image so this will have to do...

This summer has been unusually busy I think-and where in the heck did it go? I was thrilled that Jane took the time to post photos of the Moreland Elementary Classes (thanks to Beth for her help too). What a bunch of cuties, and I do mean cuties!!!

Now for Pingree and Rockford, does anyone have these tucked away somewhere?

Last Saturday was the Eastern Idaho State Fair opening and the parade in Blackfoot. I ran into Jane and Rick in front of Hawker Funeral Home - luckily Jane could fill me in on the parade participants. I swear, having been out of the area for all of these years, I wouldn't have known or recognized even one person!
I took pictures and planned to post them here but I can't seem to locate the cable to download them -- moving and unpacking is such a joy...not.
I'm sure it's here somewhere...???

***A quick change of subject here*** Some of you have kids who look like you did back when, so I have found myself doing "double-takes".

Moving back to Idaho has been a great experience, I love seeing my friends and just feeling like I'm HOME again. Eastern Idaho is a great place to be from but for me it's even a great place to live. I had forgotten...

Go Panthers!

Have an awesome September and check back soon for those parade and fair pictures.
Back atcha later,

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