Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hey, remember our awesome baseball team?

The 1972 Snake River High School Baseball Team - May 1972
Winning the championship of the A-2 bracket in the Fifth District Tournament
From left are (kneeling) Rick Tew, Brad Rich, Kendall Williams, Bert Kirwan, Mike Katseanes, Garth Turpin, manager Steve Archibald; (second row) Zane Williams, Kevin Lockie, Tom Martin, Bruce Tominaga, Blair Furniss, Darvel Anderson, coach Keith Williams; (back row) Blair Dance, Steve Butt, Danny McNair, Robert Anderson, Dalles Anderson, Richard Stroh, manager Mel Bradley.

What a nice looking team -- makes me proud to be a Panther!

Who would have ever imagined that today we can follow our favorite teams online, get schedules and sports news in an instant. It blows me away that all of this is possible. I'm also quite amazed that our sports seasons are not really just seasons anymore; what with pre-season, exhibition games, and pro-bowls we needn't fear boredom. So just to convenience you once again -- here are two top sports links:

Ya all have a great Fall! Yea, football!
Hey, you can make a comment here and let us know which teams you just love or hate and I think it would be fun to see how our favorites have changed through the year. I personally have a love/hate relationship with Denver and Seattle.
See ya later...
becki merrill woodward


  1. OK people - time to chime in on special moments: have you found anything better than sitting on the football hill on a warm sunny day and skipping class and just bs-ing with whoever is passing by? Good memories.

  2. It's hard to believe that anyone would purposely skip class Jeff Colson...but ya gotta love that hill! So many great memories there. Remember our 6th grade combined track day? What a hoot!

  3. Purposely skip class???? Ha-Ha. That's what it was all about.


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