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The Good Ol' Days

Post by Jane Baldwin Tew

Beth Smith and I got together one afternoon recently to scan our elementary pictures so I could create this post. It was fun reminiscing about "the good ol' days." The following pictures are the 1st - 6th grade class pictures of our years at Moreland Elementary, and that fateful year, the 6th grade, when we combined with those Riverside kids. If you know any of the names where I have question marks, please let me know so I can correct them. Also, if I got any of the names wrong or omitted any, let me know! Just e-mail me by clicking on my name in the list of classmates at the right of the post.

How many of you remember the old Moreland School? Can you remember the auditorium upstairs and the gym downstairs? Can you remember we ate lunch in a little cinder block building behind the school? Do you remember the glass milk bottles that would once in awhile accidentally fall off someone's tray and shatter all over the floor? How embarrassing! Do you remember how the school smelled? It wasn't a bad smell, but a memorable smell. I think it must have been a mixture of the cleaners Mr. Fresh used (wasn't he the janitor?) and the varnish they used on the floors. Do you remember the old radiators that heated the rooms? They were noisy and hot! What else do you remember?

1st Grade - Mrs. Jennie Farquahar

Bottom row, left to right: Gary Hayworth, Terry Bergevin, Larry Williams, Steven Rainsdon, Mike Byington, Lucky Peterson.
2nd row: Lydia ?, Valerie Page, Elvira ?, Denny Weaver, Kathy Marlow, Blanca ?, Eilene Kolbet, Judy Neeser.
3rd row: Frankie Webb, Neal Going, Mark Griffiths, Grady Brown, Rox Ann Smith, Olga ?, Frank Samargius, Cindy DeGiulio, Earl Neeser, Kenny Anderson.
Top row: Mrs. Farquahar, Mark Adams, Bradley Adams, Sharon Steffler, Valerie Williams, James Walker, Jane Baldwin, Bryce Peterson, Danny Good, Bernice Larsen.

1st Grade - Mrs. Lois Thomas
(Sorry, Beth's 1st grade picture didn't scan as large as the others.)
Bottom row: Jesse Jr., unknown, Shane Knudsen, Reuben ?, Linda Waddoups, unknown, George ?, ? Candelero, Brent Williams.
2nd row: Rowanda Wilson, Julie Steffler, Marla Furniss, Connie Flores, Kay Gasper, Marketa Parkinson, Connie Hart, Taunia Burgon, Kristie Bingham.
3rd row: Carol Young, LaDene Olsen, Nancy Harris, Ray Huggins, Beth Smith, David Hale, Susan Belnap, Angela Wells, Jesse Garcia, Pam Marcum, Debbie Erickson.
Top row: Mrs. Thomas, Valerie Clement, Kelly Bingham, Rodney Swearing, Kathleen ?, Herlinda Garcia, Annette Larsen, Mike Gneiting, Luis Matamoros, Brent Harper.

2nd grade - Mrs. Effie Polatis
Beth and I were in the same class in 2nd grade, Mrs. Polatis' class.
(Does anyone have a picture of Mrs. Eldredge's class I could scan?)

Top row: Janie ?, Shane Knudsen, Mrs. Polatis, Principal Jack Thompson, Juanita Hernandez, Duane McIver, Debbie ?.

2nd row: Valerie Page, Ruben ?, Josefina ?, Junior ?, Eilene Kolbet, Bryce Peterson.

3rd row: Nancy Harris, Bradley Adams, Linda Waddoups, Danny Good, Bernice Larsen, Denny Weaver, Jane Baldwin.

4th row: Grady Brown, Connie Flores, Larry Williams, Beth Smith, Earl Neeser, Debbie Erickson, Rox Ann Smith, Kelly Bingham, Kay Gasper.

5th row: unknown, Frankie Webb, Lydia ?, Connie Hart, Lucky Peterson, Carol Young, Steven Rainsdon.

3rd Grade - Mrs. Irene Larsen

Bottom row: Oren McGonigal, Tom Ternus, Linda Waddoups, Valerie Page, Kenny Fredrick, Denny Weaver, Buddy Hill, Marla Furniss.

2nd row: Connie Flores, Pam Marcum, Frankie Webb, Kathy Pierson, Kelly Bingham, Frank Samargius, Angela Wells, Mark Griffiths, Brent Williams.

3rd row: Duane McIver, Larry Williams, Jane Baldwin, Bradley Adams, Bryce Peterson, James Walker, Gabino C., Mrs. Larsen.

Top row: Juanita Hernandez, Valerie Clement, Nancy Harris, Brent Harper, Ray Huggins, John Behrend, Luis Matamoros.

3rd Grade - Mrs. Edna Clark

Bottom row: Danny Good, Bernice Larsen, Steven Pearson, Valerie Williams, Susan Belnap, Mike Gneiting, Mark Adams.

2nd row: Les Trent, Debbie Erickson, Earl Neeser, Steven Rainsdon, Julie Steffler, Lucky Peterson, Kristie Bingham.

3rd row: Annette Larsen, Sharon Steffler, Beth Smith, Cindy DeGiulio, Kenny Frandsen, Shane Knudsen, Peggy Nichols, Marketa Parkinson, Mrs. Clark.

Top row: Randy McNamara, David Hale, Terry Bergevin, Salvador ?, Allen Christensen, LaDene Olsen, Carol Young, Connie Hart.

4th Grade - Mrs. Harriet Clark

Bottom row: Cindy DeGiulio, LaDene Olsen, Valerie Page, Brent Williams, Lucky Peterson, Tom Ternus, Marketa Parkinson, Julia Steffler, Debbie Erickson.

2nd row: James Walker, Jane Baldwin, Annette Larsen, Ray Huggins, Kathleen Knudsen, Juanita Hernandez, Bryce Peterson, Valerie Clement, Mrs. Clark.

3rd row: Frankie Webb, Kenny Fredricks, Denny Weaver, Mike Gneiting, Tommy Jones, Mark Griffiths, Earl Neeser, Steven Rainsdon.

4th Grade - Mrs. Donna Benson

Bottom row: Linda Waddoups, Connie Flores, Carol Young, Marla Furniss, Connie Hart, Kristie Bingham, Angela Wells, Pam Marcum, Beth Smith, Susan Belnap.

2nd row: Katherine Knudsen, Mark Adams, Terry Bergevin, Randy McNamara, Bradley Adams, Sharon Steffler, Valerie Williams, Mrs. Benson.

Top row: Gary Hayworth, John Behrend, Kelly Bingham, Brent Harper, Larry Williams, David Hale, Oren McGonigal, Duane McIver.

5th Grade - Mrs. Belnap and Mr. Morse

Bottom row: Frankie Webb, Mark Griffiths, David Hale, John Behrend, Larry Williams, Steven Rainsdon.

2nd row: Angela Wells, Melinda Herbst, Pamela Marcum, Mark Adams, Bradley Adams, Terry Bergevin, Brent Harper, Debra Erickson, Valerie Page, Beth Smith, Carol Young.

3rd row: Juanita Hernandez, Jane Baldwin, Susan Belnap, Sharon Steffler, Annette Larsen, Connie Garcia, Valerie Williams, Valerie Clement, Cindy DeGiulio, Patricia Archibald.

4th row: Kristie Bingham, Julie Steffler, Brent Williams, Kenny Fredrick, Earl Neeser, LaDene Olson, Denny Weaver, Oren McGonigal, Tom Ternus, Marla Furniss.

Top row: Burk Frandsen, Renny Jensen, Duane McIver, Brent Bevan, Bryce Peterson, Mike Gneiting, Luis Matamoros, Ray Huggins.

6th Grade - Mr. Wayne Waddoups

Bottom row: Jeff Colson, Steven Rainsdon, Oren McGonigal, Bruce Tominaga.

2nd row: Kenny Fredrick, Brent Williams, Denny Weaver, Randy Young, Billy Arnold, Jane Baldwin, Pam Marcum, Kristie Bingham, Diane Thompson.

3rd row: Mrs. Ruth Marcum, Duane McIver, Brent Bevan, Valerie Williams, Bobbi Jo Christensen, Annette Larsen, Kathryn Knudsen, Mr. Waddoups.

Top row: David Hale, Kim Poole, Connie Hart, Arva Walters, Carol Moore, Cindy DeGiulio, Tina Moon.

6th Grade - Mr. Charles Barker & Mrs. Ruth Marcum

Bottom row: Julie Steffler, Terry Peters, Barry Scott, Tom Ternus.

2nd row: Frank Webb, Earl Neeser, Brent Harper, Frankie Perry, Valerie Page, LaDene Olsen, Carol Young, Dorothy Decker, Marketa Parkinson.

3rd row: Mrs. Marcum, Clinton Wheeler, Jan Peterson, Janet Walters, Karen Clement, Lynette Van Orden, Sherry Gardner, Marcia Jemmett, Mr. Barker.

Top row: Gary Merrill, John Behrend, Beth Smith, Mike Gneiting, Bradley Adams, Bryce Peterson, Russell Serr.

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  1. Yea! Jane! Thank you for scanning these and creating the Moreland kids post.

    And what cute kids you were! Even just at a glance I can pick out quite a few of you. There's such innocence at these ages...

    Thanks again Jane and Beth.

    becki merrill woodward


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