Monday, May 18, 2009


Pantherettes Spring 1972

Hopefully I can get everyone's name right here...

Left to Right:

Front row: MaryAnn Applegate, Ruth Christensen, Pam Marcum, Marva Lu Wray, Lynette Goodwin, Sheila Benson.

2nd row: Kathryn Robertson, Joanne Love, Vicky Myler, Brenda Williams, Holly Murdock, Kaye Dalley, Patsy Jones.

3rd row: DeAnn Shawver, Pam Talbot, Gay Esplin, LeAnn Broadhead, Carol Young, Sharon Evans.

4th row: Emily Aoyagi, Gloria Archibald, Becki Merrill, Jerralyn Hansen, Valerie Williams, Kay VanOrden.

I have great memories as a Pantherette. Parades, games, competition/camp and lots of practices, all worth it as I think I loved every minute. This was an awesome group of girls to associate with. I really have only two regrets today... that I wouldn't be able to fit into my costumes and there's no way I could do those splits! I can still do the kicks though, yes, really.

Oh well...
Go Pantherettes!

becki merrill woodward

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