Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Remember the apologies?...

The apologies that I said I owed...

well stand by for news...

Does that remind you of Paul Harvey? I miss him already. Just knowing he's not on earth anymore to bring us to our senses, telling us the rest of the story as only he could. Did your parents listen to him? Did you?

Well, here I go again, side tracked as usual. I have the apologies ready for tomorrow's post, so be sure to check back. I think you'll get a little kick (walk down memory lane) about one of them.

***also, if you notice in the list of classmates on the sidebar, my name is a different color? (Jane and Val Williams too)
Well, Jane had a grand idea to create active email links with our names (this is optional for you extremely private folks). Go ahead, click on my name and you should be able to send an email... you certainly don't have to send an email, it just gives you the option and we won't have to use real email addresses in the body or comments of posts. Doing so can allow spammers to get your address - so they say. So it's safer to use links...

If your email client doesn't come up for you when you click on the link, just send me a note and I'll have me tech (that's me by the way) help you out.

So please email me if you would like your email linked to your name. I won't automatically do it, I need your permission first, okay?

Toot-a-loo until tomorrow,

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