Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I am so sorry...

I really do need to apologize to Jane Baldwin Tew and all of you who were in attendance at our class reunion in 2002. You see, I had planned to start a website for our class back then and Jane wrote in the special mail piece she so nicely prepared and mailed to us, that I was working on the website and to email me. Well, by then my email address had changed and I never did get the site together. So I apologize and just needed to tell you and get it off my conscience. Okay, that's done...

Now here's the other thing...

I'm sure we all have regrets from our past, well this one really bothers me. I did the most terrible thing to Bruce Tominaga.

Remember those great preppy type shirts the guys used to wear that were button down with the hang loop in the back? We used to call them "fruit loops"--we would grab them and pull them right out of the shirt. (Don't ask me why - what a stupid thing to do) Well, it was one of the first days back to school and Bruce had this really nice plaid shirt. I grabbed the loop and pulled -- ripping the whole shirt right down the back.

I am so sorry Bruce! I'll bet your mom wanted to kill me for that. Bruce was pretty cool about it, like the real gentleman and cool dude he was. Hey, he might still be but I haven't seen him in ages! Where are you Bruce?Here are some interresting things about fruit loops.
Kellogg's introduced Froot Loops, the cereal in 1963.

Loop on back of shirt? Read more about it...

and here's even more than you ever wanted to know about "fruit loops"

What things do you guys regret from High School or Jr. High?

becki merrill woodward

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